It’s All About Media

At last night’s business networking event run by Business Gateway in Ayr there were 2 speakers both of which highlighted the importance of networking, one through traditional media, but now extending onto digital media, and the second about digital or social media.

There’s no doubt that in today’s world Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a host of others are becoming more important.

AHB Information Technology Solutions can help set up any business social media. Don’t be fooled however that you can subcontract to someone outside the organisation to run this for you, it needs to be someone with insight into the business, for a small business owner, well it’s the business owner who needs to do it, not an outside party.

Success these days appears to rely on networking, and more often this is done across the internet via Social Media. Need to get on the wagon, contact AHB Information Technology Solutions now.

Microsoft Partner

AHB information Technology Solutions has now become a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.

For potential clients this brings the support of Microsoft right behind us in training and consultancy. In addition it opens up benefits for AHB Information Technology Solutions, which in turn will be passed onto our clients.

Welcome–A New Beginning

Welcome to AHB Information Technology Solutions blog.

A new beginning starts here, at least for me. My name is Alan Beattie and I have started this business when I found that recession had left me redundant. With little happening in the jobs market I decided that it was time to go on my own with the skills I had accumulated over 25 years in industry and education. Find out more about me on my personal website.

So what is AHB Information Technology Solutions offering?

There are a range of services on offer, firstly high quality training. This is starting with Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Applications and will progress into the cloud with Office 365. This is anticipated to expand as more course become available.

Secondly, a consulting service to small businesses, offering, wed design and development, networking, and applications development.

Quite simply I would like to build up a reputation for IT Training and consultancy services second to none.