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IT Army

It is absolutely abhorrent what is happening today in Ukraine as Russia continues it’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine has moral support from many parts of the world today, and has shown great effort in resting the invasion on a sovereign and independent country. In today’s world war is not only restricted to the real …

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Password Expiry Policy

It has been accepted for some time that changing password regularly is a positive step to providing security for IT systems, but is it? On reflection both, views have valid points to make. Changing passwords has the advantage, that should a password be National Cyber Security Centre Guidance can be accessed at

Cyber Attack update

Following events of the cyber attack on the NHS it has come to light this was on a global scale, and the effects to some degree could have been minimised. What wasn’t know on the previous post a couple of days back was the extent or the nature of the attack. The attack was global, …

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In these days of the online culture there’s a whole new set of terms used for acridities on the internet, here IL take a look at some of these Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying can work in the same way as bullying in the life, the victim is made to feel frightened and alone, while the …

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Staying Safe Online

In today’s online world most of us are ‘connected’ via our laptops, mobile phones, tablets or personal computers. There is a huge potential for the internet to be used as valuable and a fun resource for entertainment, making friends, keeping in touch and learning. If you use the internet, you could be at risk of illegal activity …

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Online Phishing

Online phishing (pronounced like the word fishing) is a method used by tricksters and fraudsters to gat you to reveal personal or financial information. This is done using a fraudulent email or website. Most common phishing scams start with an email message that looks like an official email from a trusted source, for example a …

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High profile Security Attacks

British Gas has had some of it’s customer data stolen via it’s website. British Gas has contacted about 2,200 of its customers to warn them that their email addresses and account passwords were posted online. It says, however, that it does not think its own systems were breached and the affected accounts have been disabled …

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